Once you have registered on the platform and set up your account, it's time to complete your SCIP request. Be prepared to input the CAS numbers, weights, and TARIC codes associated with the products you supply your customer.

From the Home page on the platform you will see your Open Customer Requests. The requests that are not labelled REACH, RoHS, or Prop 65 are those relevant to SCIP.

Click on the line item to expand the field.

You will see a more detailed description of the request and the product to which the request applies.

Click the Continue button.

Click one of the three options:

1) I Can’t Provide Info: You would select this option if you do not recognize the part, you no longer supply the part, or the regulation does not apply to the part. Please include a comment explaining why you cannot provide information.

2) I Have Already Provided Info: You would select this option if the part is a duplicate of one you have already submitted regulation information for in the platform.

3) I Will Provide Info: You have the compliance information for the part and will submit the relevant documentation.

If you select “I Can’t Provide Info,” you will not be prompted for further information.

If you choose either the second or third option, you will now be asked to select one of three options regarding the Materials in the product

Select the appropriate materials response that you will provide, then click the ‘Next’ button.

This will take you to the Add Substance pop-up box

As you start entering the Substance name or CAS number a pre-populated list will become available for you to choose from. After the substance is selected, you will be required to enter in the weight by kg, g, or mg. When you are finished, click ‘Save.’

You can continue adding substances by clicking the ‘Add Substance’ button or if you are finished, click the ‘I’m Done Adding Materials’ button.

Click the ‘Next’ button when finished.

Once you click on ‘I’m Done Adding Materials,’ you will see a pop-up box that says, “Materials Disclosure. You will not be able to modify the materials disclosure once it is marked complete. If you do not mark the materials disclosure complete, you can complete it at a later time.”

If you are done, choose Mark Complete. If you want to add more materials, click Cancel and proceed to add more materials.

Once you choose Mark Complete, you will be taken to the Details section of the Customer SCIP Request.

Now enter the part name, then a primary identifier and characteristics by clicking the plus sign next to each.

Enter the weight and measurement. Select a TARIC code, HTS code (article category), then select if your part is EU produced and/or imported from the dropdown menu.

When you are finished, click the ‘Next’ button.

You will then see a screen that says you have completed all the sections you can now submit. Click on the Submit button.

You’ll see a pop-up box that confirms you want to submit.

Click Submit.

Now you will see a pop-up box that confirms you have submitted your information. Click ok.

You have now completed a Customer SCIP Request. Well done!

You will be taken back to the Open Requests page where you can work on your next one.

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