We understand that as a distributor, you do not directly manufacture product(s) and may not have knowledge of the metals in the product(s) you supply. However, it is your customer’s legal responsibility to trace the sourcing of these metals. We do encourage that the supplier fills out the whole CMRT to the best of their ability as well as provide us with their tier 2 suppliers and we will contact them.
We offer two ways in which you can complete the request:

  1. Request that the suppliers whose products are sold to your customer complete a CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template) and then compile and submit those responses on the Conflict Minerals application.  

2. Please provide your supplier information as an attachment on CMRT: Attachments page and we will complete the follow-up*.  
Please provide as much information as you can - at the very least, a supplier name and contact information.

*As a supplier to a Source Intelligence customer you are eligible to receive this assistance in working with your suppliers to find this information for all products that you supply to your customers.  

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