If you have chosen to complete on the company level, then you will just need to continue clicking 'Next Step' on all pages until you reach the confirmation page, certify your answers, and hit 'Submit With Certification'. If you have chosen to respond on the product level, you will be taken to the 'CMRT: Products' page where you can add your products by entering Manufacturer's Product Number and Manufacturer's Product Name and clicking Save (you will need to click Save to add each additional product). Click 'Next Step'.

You will reach the 'CMRT: Attachments' page.

If you don't have any files to upload, such as a Conflict Mineral Statement from your company, please click Next Step and proceed to the 'CMRT: Confirmation' page where you can review and certify your answers by providing your company name and contact name and click 'Submit with Certification'.
If you need to make any changes to your answers you will click the Previous Step button (this button is also available on every page if you need to make any changes as you are going through the CMRT).

Finally, you will reach the completion page of the request.


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