Supplier Survey User Guide

You should have received a registration link from Source Intelligence from the email If you have not received this link, and have not previously registered on the Source Intelligence platform, please contact us. If you have registered, please follow the steps below.

1. Log into Source Intelligence at with your username (email) and password. If you registered during the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Reporting Year, use the same email and password you previously created. If you cannot remember your password or are locked out of your account, please use the ‘Forgotten your password’ link.

2. Once you are logged in, you will see all of your open requests under "Open Requests" on the Home page. When you are ready to begin, click on the green "I Will Provide Info" button.
**Note: You may have to complete the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) for more than one customer. 

3. This is a brief introduction to the U.S. Conflict Minerals Compliance regulation and Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT). If you would like additional information or training, please go to and enter in the code your Customer provided.

3a. These questions will determine if you are in scope of the Regulation. This is not a part of the Conflict Minerals Survey, but all questions are required. Not all customers use these questions.
**Note: For example the 2017 Reporting Year is January 1st  2017 – December 31st 2017.

4. You have the option to either upload an existing CMRT (Version 3 or higher), copy and edit an existing CMRT response, or create a CMRT online.
5. If you choose to copy an existing CMRT, click on  Copy and edit an existing CMRT response and skip to step #9.
6. If you are going to upload an existing CMRT, click on Upload a completed CMRT Excel file and continue to Step #7.
**Note: If you are not uploading a completed CMRT or copying an existing CMRT, please skip to step #10.

7. Please upload your completed CMRT. The platform will only accept version 3 or higher, and will only allow Excel documents to be uploaded. Please ensure that all sections of the template are completely filled out or the platform will not accept your CMRT.

8. The next step will auto-populate the answers from the CMRT into our online version. Please review your answers, and then click one of the following:

9. To copy and edit an existing CMRT, please choose from the options provided. Once you select Copy and Edit your CMRT will auto-populate on to the platform. Please review your answers and submit your CMRT.

10. If you are not uploading an existing CMRT, please click Create a new CMRT online and continue on to step #11.

11. Please fill in all required fields in this section. Your Declaration Scope describes the applicability of the information provided in this template. The scope may cover the entirety of the company's products, a specific product (or products), or be 'User defined'. In this example, we chose a 'Company-level' declaration, so this survey will cover all products that ABC Co. provided to their Customer during this reporting year.

12. Please answer the 7 declaration questions listed below. Some questions may grey out if they are not applicable to you based on your answers in Questions 1 and 2 (see Tungsten in the example below).

**Note: The covered countries include: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, Angola, Congo Republic, Central Africa Republic

13. Next, you will need to complete Policy Questions A-J. 

14. Please note, in the drop down menu you may select CFSI Verified smelters from our list. This will auto-populate the smelter ID and smelter location. If the smelter is not listed, you will need to enter all of the smelter information available to you. The next section allows you to explain the steps your company is taking to get that smelter certified (if it is not already). Please note that you can enter multiple smelters by clicking Save after each entry.

15. In the Products section, you may list out the products you supply to your Customer. Again, you can list multiple products by clicking Save.
**Note: If you chose to complete the CMRT on a Company Level, you will not be required to complete the Products section.

16. The Attachments section will allow you to upload any additional documents. Some examples might include your company’s Conflict Minerals Policy, financial documents from the smelter, a letter from your President, product information, etc.
17. Next, you will have the opportunity to review your answers and ensure that they are correct. Please note that at any time you may hit the orange Previous Step button to return to a previous step in the survey.

18. Once you have reviewed your answers, you will be asked to certify your answers. Please fill out the requested information, and click Submit with Certification.
19. This certification is not mandatory, so if you do not want to provide an electronic signature, click Submit without Certification
20. Your survey is now complete! Please note that Source Intelligence may follow up with you if your answers are incomplete, inconsistent, or if we need additional information.

21. If you would like to add an additional response, please click on Create another Response and move through steps #3-19 again.
22. **Note: If this response was made in error, or your additional response is replacing your previous response, please continue on to step #23.
23. Once you have submitted an updated CMRT, please click on “Profile” followed by “Conflict Minerals”. You will now see a list of completed CMRTs. Please click on the orange Archive button next to the declaration you would like to archive.

24. You will then be prompted to provide an archive reason. Please select a reason from the drop down menu. Once complete, click Archive

25. Once you are finished, please click on “Requests” at the top of the page. This will allow you to view any other requests you might have from other Customers. If you answered on a Company Level, you will be able to copy and edit an existing CMRT.

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