The Conflict Minerals dashboard under the Intelligence section provides the key details you need to complete a CMRT for you to pass to your customers.

If you would like a CMRT of all data that has been provided from all suppliers, click 'Actions' then 'Unfiltered/All'

An Export Declarations box will pop up. Click 'Start' then 'Download Declarations'. You will then get a zip folder downloaded to your computer with all of the necessary information. Open up the zip file and choose the 'CMRT Rollup' option. Your company will need to complete all yellow fields of the CMRT.

If you are using tags to define a group of suppliers that apply to a particular customer, select that Customer choose the filters you would like to use by using the filter button.

Choose any filters you wish and click 'Done'. Then click into 'Actions' and hit 'By Filter'. This will create a CMRT based on the filters you chose.

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