Go to the 'Network' tab. Click 'Invitations', then 'By Individual' 

The list of invitations shows the following fields of information:

  • the supplier's company name

  • he first and last name of the point of contact, if available

  • the email address where the invitation was sent

  • the date the email was sent

  • the date the email opened

  • the date the supplier registered.

If no date appears in the Email Opened column, the email has not been opened. If no date appears in the Registered column, the user has not yet registered. Instead, in the Registered column, you will see a blue and green button. From here, you can send reminder emails directly to your suppliers. By clicking the blue button, you can send the registration link from your email. The green button will resend the invitation automatically directly from the Conflict Minerals application. Alternatively, if you want to email your supplier regarding another issue, you can copy and paste their email address from this page into your mail exchange server.


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