• See the total number of participants (Responded/Not Responded) 

  • Each campaign name will be listed along with the time it was last updated.

  • The number of participants in each campaign is listed above each bar chart.

  • The light blue portion of each chart indicates the number of companies who have responded to the information request, while the dark blue portion indicates those who have not. When you hover over each portion, the corresponding number will pop up.

  • For the incomplete suppliers, it will break down the number further into those who are “Registered” and those who are “Unregistered”.


  • Search for a specific company

  • Type a company name in the search box to find a specific supplier.

  • Once you have found the supplier you are looking for, click the  button next to their name to view their data.



  • View chart data   

  • Click the Campaigns tab.  

  • Select the campaign you wish to search in a drop-down menu.

  • You may select Participation to date or Participation per day to view response count to date or response count per day.

  • Scroll down to see a list of all of the suppliers included in the selected campaign and their response date(s). You can look up a specific company or scroll through the companies by clicking on the arrows.    


  • View the registration status

  • Click on the By Company tab.

  • Search  to view the number of invitations, as well as the first registration date.

  • Search  to view the registration status of each person sent an invitation, as well as whether they have opened their invitation.

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