• A full material disclosure is a list of all materials and substances contained in your product.  It is a full substance level disclosure of every constituent substance in, and intentionally added to every homogeneous material in the products you supply to a customer.

  • Providing a full material disclosure enables all members of the supply chain to take a proactive approach to regulatory management. Requirements within regulations are constantly changing, and new local, federal, and international regulations are continuously being introduced. A full material disclosure can be analyzed to identify compliance status and data gaps for any regulation or directive of interest, saving all participants in the supply chain time and resources.

  • As a supplier, providing an FMD in response to your clients’ requests means fewer resources are needed to address ongoing requests as regulations change, such as when chemicals are added twice a year to the European Union REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) list. Instead of providing an update every time regulations are amended, an FMD can be analyzed by your clients for many regulations as they change.

  • As a company, collecting FMDs from your supply chain saves time and resourcing in requesting and validating updates from all of your suppliers. Especially as new regulations come into play and existing ones evolve and expand their scope, having FMDs allows you to identify the compliance status of your products for any suite of regulations and their requirements at any point in time. This reduces the burden to follow up with your suppliers every time requirements change. 

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